Midnight Firmware Zone

Welcome to the downloads page. Here you will find the latest drivers, software updates and information on G-Box Android TV Box systems as they are released.

G-Box devices are are under constant firmware development to improve their function and stability. Please check back here often to find the latest firmware and software updates for your device. Please note that the firmwares on this page are in development and are beta unless otherwise indicated.




Please be careful flashing your firmware. Flashing the wrong firmware to your device can be difficult to repair. This firmware section is for authentic G-Box owners only. If you have a device that looks like a G-Box but did not purchase an authentic G-Box please be aware that these firmware updates are not for you. There is no support for your device if you disable it. Authentic G-Box devices have proprietary hardware configuration and the cheap clones available are not 100% compatible because their hardware is unsupported. Please be aware of this before you try any of these firmware updates on your device. Flash at your own risk!

If you brick your Midnight, please follow the SD Card Midnight Recovery Procedure.
Status updates: We will be implementing a status update to firmware revisions to give the community the current status of a firmware build. As we gain feedback and bug reports for the latest firmware we will update the status of the build. The status key is: Alpha, Beta, Broken and Stable. Alpha = just released with no feedback from the community, Beta = confirmed working from community, Broken = known major bugs, Stable = tested and all features working to the best of the build’s ability.
Only advanced users are advised to install Alpha / Beta status firmware to give feedback to the community. Broken firmware will ultimately be removed from the archive.


XBMC And Addons

XBMC with dual Boot Launcher                                     
​XBMC MX2 Special Edition






Canada On Demand


Sports Devil
​Project Free Tv



Android Apps



Titanium Backup












Slav & Midnight Firmware

* Want to run Linux XBMC on your Slav? Static from the G-Box community has released a Beta XBMC Linux build, which is compatible with the Slav (2.0) device.
Slav update procedure:
1) Uncompress the downloaded firmware (ROM) to the root of and SD card.
2) Insert the SD Card into powered-off Slav (power cable not plugged in) with no external USB storage attached.
3) Using a toothpick, insert into the YUV port of the Slav, press and hold the hidden button while plugging power in. Do not release until you see the update screen.
4) Update will run automatically. When it is done then choose “Reboot”. You can disregard any errors that display after the update, they are not relevant to the device.

G-Box Midnight / Sav 5-6-2012 Firmware

This firmware resolves networking issues related to the Midnight M3 and Slav M3 devices that have plagued these devices since the beginning of time. All internal network functions have been optimized to produce a stable throughput. Expect to see dramatic increases in all network activity with this update on your M3 device. This firmware is BETA and we’re looking for feedback from the community.
Download Midnight / Slav 2.1/2.2 5-6-2013 Firmware

G-Box Midnight / Slav 4-23-2013 Firmware

This firmware resolves some issues with Slav YUV port not being compatible with all television sets. If your TV/Device was not finding a signal on your YUV port and you need component video, this is the firmware for you.
Changes in 4-23-13 firmware:
Fixed YUV / Component protocol negotiation bug with some television sets.
Added updated 2013 G-Box boot logo
Newest updates from Amlogic Dev Core (8726 CPU M3) – changelog coming soon.

Download Midnight / Slav 2.1/2.2 4-23-2013 Firmware
2.0 Device Firmware coming soon.

G-Box Midnight / Slav 3-22-2013 Firmware

If you have a 2.0 Midnight or Slav you can download the new firmware:
Download Midnight / Slav 2.0 Firmware (3-22-13)
For 2.1/2.2 Midnight and Slav devices:
Download Midnight / Slav 2.1/2.2 Firmware (3-22-13)
Changes in 3-22-13 firmware:
Fixed USB bug in firmware causing XBMC to freeze on booting black screen.
Allow the Android UI Bar to hide, removing Netflix support.
Combined support for Midnight and Slav into 2 firmwares (2.0 & 2.1/2.2 releases) to lessen confusion.
Refactoring and added minor changes from Amlogic’s latest updates.

G-Box Slav 1-30-13 Stock Firmware

This is the initial firmware released for the G-Box Slav. Firmware is rooted.
Download Slav Stock Firmware (1-30-13)

xD Firmware

xD Firmware is installed using this technique:
1) Unzip firmware to a blank SD card.
2) Choose “upgrade” from the android apps menu, then select your SD card and the .zip update file to update.
3) Let the xD reboot and install firmware. When it’s completed it will reboot once again and your firmware update is completed.

G-Box xD 12-20-12 Firmware

Important note to xD owners: DO NOT UPDATE YOUR XD TO THE MIDNIGHT FIRMWARE. This will brick your xD. There is a difference in motherboard hardware and the devices are not cross compatible with firmware. The xD will no longer boot after attempting an update with Midnight firmware.
This is the stock xD firmware.
Download xD Stock Firmware (12-20-12)
G-Box Midnight MX2 Firmware 4.2.2 Rooted



 When Updating Or changing firmware make sure you always do a full cache wipe, if not XBMC addons will have issues, here is the instructions on how to do it. 

Use the toothpick method to update firmware, if your not updating firmware leave SD Card slot empty, then when the Android shows up on screen, you will get the error page where the first option is Reboot, scroll down and click on the 3 options that start with "wipe" it will clear all caches and system restore, then you're sure nothing is left behind from older installations.

You can now reboot and go into android settings, factory reset, make sure you put a checkmark to format SD card also, but remove any SD card from the slot.
Now your G-Box is Fresh and ready to Install XBMC.
How to recover your G-Box Midnight (No video output / Blank screen with Blue Light / Lost SD Card) Revision 2.0 & 2.1 instructions.

There’s two ways that you can brick your Midnight. Either an incomplete firmware installation or removing power to the Midnight while it is booting. In either of these situations you will need to create an Recovery Disk to bring your Midnight back to life. This procedure creates a BOOTABLE card that will allow the Midnight to boot up even if there’s a problem with the internal file system.

First, please download the SD Recovery card image:

G-Box Midnight Backup Raw SD Card Image

Then download and install the HDD Raw Copy Tool:

First, please unzip the SD Recovery card image.

Then, using the HDD Raw Copy tool, locate the image and flash this image onto your SD card (follow the instructions in program). This will erase everything on your card.

When you have completed the flash from image to SD card, please inspect the files on the SD card to ensure that you have 4 files on your SD card.

If you have a REVISION 2.0 Midnight, please take these additional steps:

For your Revision 2 device, you must download the version of the Rev 2.0 firmware you’d like to flash to your Midnight from the Software and ROMs section and uncompress the downloaded file to your recovery SD card. Overwrite the files on your SD card with these files. This will allow you to install the firmware you need instead of the firmware that comes with the recovery card.
Now, follow the normal update procedure for the G-Box Midnight:
1) Insert SD Card into powered-off Midnight (power cable not plugged in) with no external USB storage attached.
2) Using a toothpick, insert into the Audio port of Midnight, press and hold the hidden button while plugging power in. Do not release until you see the update recovery screen.
3) Update will run automatically. When it is done then choose “Reboot”. You can disregard any errors that display after the update, they are not relevant to your device.
If you do not see the recovery screen after plugging in the power to the Midnight first inspect that you have 4 files on the SD card (a zip file, a couple of boot files and an amlogic configuration file). If you do not, then you need to use the HDD Raw Copy tool again because the files did not get flashed to your SD card. If you have all of these files on your SD card but still did not get the recovery to work then unplug your Midnight, remove the SD Card. Insert the SD Card again and follow the update procedure again. It’s possible that the SD Card wasn’t firmly inserted.
Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here
Syncing Your G-Mouse

Switch the on/off key to on the main keyboard, and enter FN + F1 keys, now the up right side yellow light of the keyboard will then be on, then plug the receiver into the usb port within 10 seconds, if the yellow light turns on then your successful

Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here


v.1.1.4b – Firmware is still Beta. This is a landmark update with critical Amlogic NAND driver updates, better CPU utilization, bloat removal, XBMC updates, HDMI and Ethernet optimizations.

This is not a release candidate, it is a Stable Beta. There is still a lot of work being put into the firmware for features such as Bluetooth and additional external device support, however from internal testing we believe this is very stable and allows the device to run much cooler and Ethernet appears to be working optimally now through speed testing. This update also targets a critical issue that was causing the device to get stuck at the Matricom boot screen. Because of this major stability improvement we are rushing this out for those living on the cutting-edge to play with.

Prerequirement: You must be migrated from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 and have firmware 1.1.4 installed, which is available below.


Download MX2 firmware v1.1.4b Now

Download Here Download Here

G-Box MX2 Firmware


MX2 and Midnight firmware are not the same at all, do not attempt to install Midnight firmware on an MX2, you will brick it.


See MX2 Firmware Zone page for all MX2 firmware