Download file:
SD Card (at least 1GB)
MX2 stuck at Matricom logo when booting.


Download the latest Beta firmware 07/10/13 from here:


Due to this bug in our previous firmware (prior to 1.1.4b) causing the memory to corrupt when the device was used for extended period of time there have been a number of people that have ended up with a bricked MX2. We now present a simple and fast solution to recovering your MX2 without needing to return to the factory for repair. If you prefer to return your device for a repair this is also perfectly acceptable and we’ll be happy to perform this procedure for you for free.




Step 1: Recovery bootloader repair.

Download this file and extract to an empty SD card: (5mb)
(Your SD card should have two files: u-boot.bin and recovery.img)

Insert the SD card into your MX2 and boot the MX2 holding the reset button located in the A/V port on the back of the device. You must hold this button with a toothpick while applying power to the device for about 10 seconds. You will see the “Matricom” logo appear on the screen. After about 10-12 seconds you will be presented with the Android recovery menu. Congratulations, your boot loader is repaired. Please unplug your unit (Your remote control will not be functional until after the next step).

Step 2: Install latest Beta firmware on your MX2 [Fixes the booting bug from happening in the future].

You will need to install the latest Beta firmware (1.1.4b or newest) on your MX2 to prevent your device from having the boot lock problem in the future. Please visit the Beta Dev Zone for download information and instructions to install the latest firmware.




Thank you for your patience as we have worked to eliminate this bug from our system. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this procedure then please contact us to have your box repaired in our facility. The repair is free and you.