G-Box Midnight MX2 delivers Android 4 on TV in stunning full HD.
G-Box Midnight lets you install your favorite apps directly from the Play Store*.
G-Box Midnight plays full-screen games in 3D smoothly with its powerful Mali400 graphics processor.
G-Box Midnight delivers the web in a high definition experience that the entire family will enjoy.​

Troubleshooting and Fixes

How To Re-Flash Firmware

Uninstall and reinstall xbmc

Clear your default launcher

Change display position

Set up mx2 for the first time

No display MX2

Re-installing XBMC


first go to *launcher* and then into *settings* ( the grey box with 3 blue circles located at the bottom left of the normal launcher screen)

in settings go down to *apps* in apps find XBMC and click OK on the remote. go up to the uninstall button and click OK on the remote, follow instructions to uninstall.

once XBMC is uninstalled, press the RETURN button on the remote till you are back to the launcher screen.


now find the *all apps* icon ( the white circle with the 6 squares ) and press OK on the remote, in this menu find an icon called *OTA updater* and press OK again.

in the OTA page you should see a XBMC logo at the bottom of the page, go down to it and press OK on your remote and follow instructions to re-install XBMC on your box.

Once a fresh version of XBMC has been installed on your box you will have to install the *Fully Configured XBMC Backup* to get your box back to what it was when you first received it.



Fully Configured XBMC Backup


1. Download FILE http://www.mediafire.com/download/10lhi4sji9pd9kw/20140615.zip and extract it onto an available SD card, you should have a folder called 20140615 on the SD Card

2. Insert card into card slot of your G-box MX 2 Or X3
3. Enter the XBMC program.

4. Allow a few moments for all updates to be completed.

5. Move left to - programs - menu and click OK.

6. Go down to - Program Add-ons - and click OK.

7. If - XBMC backup - is already here skip to step 12, if not then select - Get more... - and click OK.

8. Find - XBMC backup - and click ok, then if - Install - is highlighted press ok again.

9. Allow a short amount of time for - XBMC backup - to install and when ready you will see { Enabled } to the right.

10. Once the { Enabled } is present you can click on RETURN on the remote to back out of this menu.

11. You should now see - XBMC backup - as an option in this menu.

12. Highlight - XBMC backup - and click the blue MENU button on your remote.

13. Go to - Add-on Settings - and click OK.

14. Go down to - Browse Remote Path - and click OK.

15.From here, find the file on your SD card. The path would usually be :
External storage/ external_storage/ sdcard1/ XBMC BACKUP

16.When you see the file 20140615 on your SD card, click left to select
the - OK - onscreen option and click OK on your remote *do not select
the file itself and if you do just click RETURN till you see the file again*

17. Go down to highlight the onscreen - OK - option and then click OK on your remote.

18. Select - XBMC backup - and this time press teh OK button on your remote.

19. Select the - Restore - option and click OK.

20. File 20140615 should be highlighted so just click OK to install the backup file.

21. Allow time for it to install.

22. Once installation window disapears, click RETURN till your back to XBMC main window. We hope you enjoy your XBMC experience.


Factory Reset Using Toothpick Method (This will return your G-Box to factory default!! You may loose data.)



Step 1-  Insert a toothpick into the A/V port on the back of your Midnight. Feel for the button hidden inside of the port. Press this button using the toothpick and plug the Midnight back in, while holding this button. Continue to hold this button until the recovery screen appears.


Step 2- Click on the 2 options that start with the word "Wipe" once that is complete then you can reboot.


Step3- now all you need to do is install XBMC

















Installing XBMC  



Installation Instructions

Download from the below Above

Place the Android APK App in an SD Card or USB Driver

Connect SD Card or USB Drive to your MX2

Go To Home Screen

Go To All Apps Section

Click App Installer

Select And Install the New XBMC

Open it and run for the first time

Once it's done allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes while all the Addons Update themselves







XBMC for MX2



XBMC for StarStream

Audio But no Video?

If You are experiencing Audio but no video in XBMC then you have the updated firmware 1.6 but XBMC needs to be updated also, this is only if you have updated to Firmware V 1.6.


Please take not this is a software issue not a firmware or hardware issue.



All you need to do is click the "OTA" app and you can scroll to the bottom where you see the XBMC icon, click on it to install the new version.

Make sure you uninstall previous version already install before installing the new one.

Reflashing/Installing Updated Firmware 1.1.6


In order to reflash the MX2, the user needs a few things:

  1. An MX2

  2. An SD Card

  3. The latest Firmware  V.1.1.6 click here to download

  4. A toothpick, or something similar

The user will extract the latest firmware onto the SD card. So the user should have 3 files: mx2update.zip, factory_update_param.aml, and recovery.img. They will remove the SD card from their PC and insert it into their MX2. Power off the MX2 by unplugging it from the power source and then insert the toothpick into the A/V port onto the back of the MX2. Now plug the device back in and once the Matricom screen appears wait an additional 5 seconds and release the toothpick. It will now flash and will reboot once finished.



Common Troubleshooting




First and foremost, we need to isolate the causes for the slow buffering. This can be achieved by a quick speed test. Download SpeedTest from the Google Play Store and run the application. Once the results are in, navigate to http://speedtest.net on your PC and run the same test. Compare both results and follow the scenario below:

  1. The speeds do not match

  2. The speeds do match


Speeds do not match

If the speeds do not match, the common issue is how it's connected. If you are using WiFi, connect to the Ethernet port if possible and run the speed test again. This will allow us to isolate the WiFi as a problem. If the speeds improve, the product may have a faulty wireless card. Contact a support representative for more information.


Speeds do match

If the speeds match, you need to have the appropriate internet speeds to be able to play certain content. Refer to the table below for more information on what is recommended for proper streaming.


Down Stream (In Megabits Per Second)

SD Minimum                         


SD recommended


HD Minimum


HD recommended




Another common issue is the servers are sometimes not operating at maximum potential. For instances, some 3rd party add-ons will be under heavy operating load and users will experience slow buffering. Isolate the add-on and perform a buffering test on your MX2. If you also have slow buffering, it's more than likely a sign that the server is experience high traffic. Remember that we have no control over 3rd party add-ons and so we will not have an ETA of a fix.




Miracast is a protocol for mirroring one device to another. In this case, the MX2 supports miracast for devices that support the miracast protocol. To enable miracast, open the Miracast application. Once it is opened, on the device you wish to connect choose the device name that matches the device name on the MX2. If prompted, press allow for the device to connect. Once the devie

Note: Samsung's Allshare is not a compatible miracast stream with the MX2.



No Sound


If there is no sound on 1.1.6, it is good to verify that the correct audio settings are in place. Navigate to the MBox Settings > Advanced > Sound and make sure that "PCM" is the default.

Next it's good to isolate where the sound is not coming from. First, open up any android app to see if the sound works here. If the sound works in the Android system, we can isolate it to XBMC. If sound does not work, then it's a system wide issue. Preliminary Steps

  1. Verify that all cables are plugged in correctly

  2. Make sure Volume is up

  3. Check volume on another device

Steps to fix Android Sound

  1. Verify that the Volume is up on both devices

  2. Make sure the HDMI cable is seated correctly

  3. Power off both devices

  4. Verify PCM is checked under Audio Settings

  5. Test with an app

If this does not resolve the issue, a reflash is necessary in order to regain sound. If a reflash does not fix the issue, then a warranty claim must be made.

Steps to fix XBMC Sound

  1. Follow the steps for the Android Sound

  2. From the System > Settings > System > Audio Output:

    1. Make sure the Speaker configuration matches.

    2. Make sure "Output stereo to all speakers" is not checked.




The port is analog. It still sends the digital signal, but it's converted to an analog signal only as a means of transport. A coaxial rca cable is required for S/PDIF to function properly.


Known Bugs





WiFi FIX  (if it not responding)

You need the Root Explorer App. If you don't have it, then go to the Google Play Store and get it.

Using Root Explorer go to data/misc/wifi

- Click and hold the OK button on wpa_supplicant file
- Click Delete And Confirm
- Unplug Your Unit And Plug Back In
- Go to SettingsMBox App under All Apps and turn on your Wifi
- Select your wireless network and enter your password
- Go back to enjoying your GBOX!!!