Updating The Midnight

The G-Box Midnight is very straight-forward to update. Please keep in mind that updating the G-Box Midnight will completely wipe out any data on the device. You should back up any important data first. Simply follow the instructions below to get the latest firmware onto your device. Remember: Your G-Box is a computer. Like every computer software updates come out to improve the device.

Before you begin you will need an SDCard with at least 1GB free space.

Step 1:

Downloads the latest firmware from

Step 2:

Uncompress the update file to the root folder of your SD Card. Insert the SD Card into your Midnight after you have removed power from it.

Step 3:

Insert a toothpick into the Audio port on the back of your  Midnight. Feel for the button hidden inside of the port.  Press this button using the toothpick and plug the Midnight back in, while holding this button. Continue to hold this button until the upgrade process begins on your screen.

Step 4:

After the update is finished (about 5 minutes) a menu will appear. Choose the “Reboot” option. When the device reboots you will have the newest firmware.

Enjoy the latest firmware available for the Midnight.