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XBMC Addons

If you want the full Features of XBMC and all the addons your heart desires, and simply the best Tv experience possible,  the process of installing addons to your XBMC setup is now easier than ever using Fusion, and Xfinity, the Easy Addon Installer for XBMC. No longer will you need to download and upload addon files or anything else of the sort. You’ll now be able to add as many addons as you’d like directly from your television screen, no technical knowledge required. The Fusion and Xfinity Installers will be constantly updated, so once you’ve added it to your XBMC, you’ll be able to get the latest addon repositories on the fly as they are released.

To Install Addons manually simply go into XBMC-->system-->settings-->Add Ons-->then select from Zip File and point it to your SD or USB that has the addons files on it.  For complete video instruction you can find them here http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=t60FwGjiiJ0


Click on the addon To Download it

(Xfinity Servers seem to be down for awhile, just install the wizzard and it will install Xfinity for you all configured with the Addons)



1. In XBMC, goto System >> File Manager

2. Add Source

3. Enter the path: http://xfinity.xunitytalk.com

4. Enter a name: .XFINITY (Yes start with the dot; we want it to show up top of the list, right )

5. Press OK


How to Install Talkwizard and Repo using XFINITY

1. After setting up XFINITY as above, go to System >> Settings >> Add-ons

2. Install From Zip File

3. XFINITY >> repository

4. Install the plugin.video.talkwizard.

5. Go into Programs-->Program addons-->Talk Wizard.  (give it a few minutes to download.)


How to install Fusion:  Exactly the same as Xfinity just different URL


Step 1: Launch XBMC Software


Step 2: Navigate to “SYSTEM” and then open “File Manager.”


Step 3: Select “Add Source” on the Left Side of the Screen.


Step 4: Click on the text box that says <None> to open up the keyboard


Step 5: Type “http://fusion.xbmchub.com” (without quotations) on the keyboard and then choose the “Done” button on the left side of the keyboard.


Step 6: You’ll now see the site address that you just typed at the top is listed, next click the empty text box at the bottom under “Enter a name for this media Source.”


Step 7: You’ll now have a keyboard pop up, type “fusion” (without quotations) then press the “Done” button again.


Step 8: Verify that your screen appears as follows, and then press the “OK” button at the bottom in order to save the new file source.


Step 9: Your File Manager window should now look like the one below, assuming it does, you can now return to the Main Menu.


Step 10: From the Main Menu, choose “Settings” under the “SYSTEM” menu listing.


Step 11: Choose the “Addons” menu from the left side of the window.


Step 12: Select the “Install from zip file” option from the list.


Step 13: Choose the “fusion” folder listed on the right side of the popup.


Step 14: Browse through the Fusion folder and select whichever files you want to install, one by one, and they’ll be instantly available within your XBMC installation.



Step 15: You’ll now need to click a “Get Add-ons” button.


Step 16: Choose the repository that was just installed from the ZIP file. In this case, we’re using “Bstrdsmkr’s Repository” as an example.


Step 17: Select the “Video Add-ons” option.


Step 18: Click the name of the plugin you wish to enable. We’re using the “1Channel plugin” for this one


Step 19: Choose “Install” on the left side to enable the selected video addon.


Step 20: Return to the main menu, and go into the category which your addon was installed to (most likely either VIDEOS, MUSIC or PROGRAMS). In this case, we installed a Video Addon, so it’ll be in “Add-ons” under the “VIDEOS” menu. You’ll now be able to access and use the addon at your convenience.


Step 21: You’ll now want to repeat the procedure from Step 10 onwards in order to install additional repositories and addons. Repeat as necessary.



Congratulations! You can now return to the Fusion Installer by going to the “Install from zip file” function at anytime in the future! Please note that it’s highly recommended that Apple TV and iOS users copy over our custom Advanced Settings XML File before continuing, which will substantially improve functionality. Special thanks to tuxen and RogerThis for their contribution towards to the Fusion Installer.

If your always getting errors in XBMC and want to do a fresh install to solve them make sure you always do a full cache wipe, if not XBMC addons will have issues, here is the instructions on how to do it.

Use the toothpick method to update firmware, if your not updating firmware leave SD Card slot empty, then when the Android shows up on screen, you will get the error page where the first option is Reboot, scroll down and click on the 3 options that start with "wipe" it will clear all caches and system restore, then you're sure nothing is left behind from older installations.

You can now reboot and go into android settings, factory reset, make sure you put a checkmark to format SD card also, but remove any SD card from the slot.
Now your G-Box is Fresh and ready to Install XBMC.






XBMC for MX2



XBMC for StarStream


Use this to Restore your XBMC with all Addons configured , ready for you!




Fully Configured XBMC Backup



1. Download FILE http://www.mediafire.com/download/10lhi4sji9pd9kw/20140615.zip and extract it onto an available SD card, you should have a folder called 20140615 on the SD Card

2. Insert card into card slot of your G-box MX 2 Or X3 Unit
3. Enter the XBMC program.

4. Allow a few moments for all updates to be completed.

5. Move left to - programs - menu and click OK.

6. Go down to - Program Add-ons - and click OK.

7. If - XBMC backup - is already here skip to step 12, if not then select - Get more... - and click OK.

8. Find - XBMC backup - and click ok, then if - Install - is highlighted press ok again.

9. Allow a short amount of time for - XBMC backup - to install and when ready you will see { Enabled } to the right.

10. Once the { Enabled } is present you can click on RETURN on the remote to back out of this menu.

11. You should now see - XBMC backup - as an option in this menu.

12. Highlight - XBMC backup - and click the blue MENU button on your remote.

13. Go to - Add-on Settings - and click OK.

14. Go down to - Browse Remote Path - and click OK.

15. From here, find the file on your SD card. The path would usually be : External storage/ external_storage/ sdcard1/ XBMC BACKUP

16. When you see the file 20140615 on your SD card, click left to select the - OK - onscreen option and click OK on your remote *do not select the
      itself and if you do just click RETURN till you see the file again*

17. Go down to highlight the onscreen - OK - option and then click OK on your remote.

18. Select - XBMC backup - and this time press teh OK button on your remote.

19. Select the - Restore - option and click OK.

20. File 20140615 should be highlighted so just click OK to install the backup file.

21. Allow time for it to install.

22. Once installation window disapears, click RETURN till your back to XBMC main window. We hope you enjoy your XBMC experience.


1) Now navigate from XBMC home screen to System/Settings/Addons/install from zip file

2) Now click on mashup folder then click add-on.

3) Now click the Mashup-v1.4.0.zip give it a minute and mashup should now install.

4) Go back to xbmc home screen under videos click add-ons and mashup should be installed launch it then go to mashup settings under the general tab click Re-install last autoupdate and reboot.