​XBMC Midnight Linux v0.2b by Static

This is NOT for the Midnight MX2, only compatible with the Midnight

Here is instructions on Static's Great Work for XBMC Midnight Linux v0.2b

SSH Login : root
SSH Pass : g-box

G-Box Midnight 2.0 – Untested
G-Box Midnight 2.1 – Fully tested, developed and working
G-Box Midnight 2.2 – Untested

** IMPORTANT: FLASH AT OWN RISK, this is still beta **


Known bugs:
*Do NOT sync your movie/music information from the internet. (slows down xbmc and performance goes down bigtime)
*Works with default G-Box remote only!

*One firmware for all G-Box Midnight versions
*Remote 100% working
*XBMC 100% configured for default remote.
*Tested with mkv 4/6/8gb files over WiFi.
*Tested with mkv 12/16gb files over Ethernet

Unofficial Add-Ons confirmed working:
* 1Channel
* Icefilms
* Navi-X
* StreamOn (requires)
– script.module.t0mm0.common-1.1.0.zip
– script.module.urlresolver-1.0.3.zip

- Download

*SDCARD (usb stick does not autoboot)
- Space requirement: atleast 105mb of free data

2. Unzip “static_xbmc-linux_v0.2_beta.zip” into root of SDCARD
3a. Android Users : Install “pl.qbanin.rebootrecovery_1.0.apk” from SDCARD (External SDCARD) and run it.
3b. Linux Users : Use toothpick method, to boot into recovery
4. Wait for the installer to start
5. Follow instructions

Many thanks go out to:
* Static

Download “static_xbmc-linux_v0.2_beta.zip”

We also offer Static's Linux XBMC Version Pre-Installed, just let us know when ordering if you prefer that installed with latest firmware instead of regular Android​ boot.

Highly Recommended