This is NOT for the Midnight MX2, only compatible with the Midnight

Here is instructions on Static's Great Work for BAREBONE XBMC ULTRA SLIM ULTRA FAST!

XBMC Barebone Android v0.1a by Static (http://www.sendspace.com/file/n1nqdh)

After many weeks of work i am proud to present the first XBMC Barebone:

G-Box Midnight 2.0 – Fully tested, developed and working
G-Box Midnight 2.1 – Fully tested, developed and working
G-Box Midnight 2.2 – Confirmed working.

** IMPORTANT: FLASH AT OWN RISK, this is still alpha **
This will turn you’re G-Box into XBMC Only
(you can install apps, but no market!)



*Direct Boot XBMC
*XBMC RC2 (thanks to mattburris)
*Fix for profile datareset
*Preconfigured “sources.xml” for SDCARD/USB/NFS/SMB
*Supports NFS native from XBMC
*Supports SMB native from XBMC
*Factory Default/reset proof
*XBMC Launcher Only (2 running processes: XBMC and RemoteControl)
*Tested with mkv 4/6/8gb files over WiFi.
*Tested with mkv 12/16gb files over Ethernet

Unofficial Add-Ons confirmed working:
* 1Channel
* Icefilms
* Navi-X
* StreamOn (requires)
– script.module.t0mm0.common-1.1.0.zip
– script.module.urlresolver-1.0.3.zip

*Everything that was not needed

*Android Settings from XBMC
(Programs\Android Apps\Settings)

Application install:
*Android Application Installer from XBMC
(Programs\Android Apps\AppInstaller)


- Download (http://www.sendspace.com/file/n1nqdh)
md5 : 19aa74f1718c71eecda534867c9f4421
sha1: d5f2351e599735ad34d7d2c7f44e3ba24c7974fa

*Original “ROOTED* Firmware 12-4-12 for Rev 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 G-Box Midnight
- Download (http://androidtvbox.us/downloads/software-and-roms/)

- Space requirement: atleast 250mb of free data


1. Download “static_xbmc-barebone_v0.1_alpha.zip”
2. Unzip “static_xbmc-barebone_v0.1_alpha.zip” into root of SDCARD
3. Factory/Reset your G-Box (tick format sdcard also, –> remove external sdcard or it will be empty! <–)
4. Skip setup and start Application Installer
5. Install “pl.qbanin.rebootrecovery_1.0.apk” from SDCARD (External SDCARD)
6. Run “Reboot Recovery”
7. Wait for error, then the recovery menu appears.
8. Select apply update
9. Select /sdcard/update/static_xbmc-barebone.zip
10. Wait for installer to complete
11. Select reboot
12. Wait until XBMC is fully booted, then turn of G-Box <– Important!!
13. Turn G-Box on
14. Configure your Android Settings
(Programs -> Android Program -> Settings)

15. And you are done.

Wifi Reset:
If you experience problems with Wifi,
this will wipe all of your wifi settings.

1. Download: static_wifi-fix_v0.1.zip
* http://www.sendspace.com/file/qgozbh
* md5 : 3928f6216caaf7ece15e4d15eccde395
* sha1: 19aa90daf35d7929ab88c8117ebf46cdc183645d
2. Unzip to a SD-CARD/USB-Stick, and insert into G-Box
3. Go to appinstaller and install pl.qbanin.rebootrecovery_1.0.apk
4. Run reboot recovery
5. Select update from sdcard “/update/static_wifi-fix.zip”
6. Select reboot

Many thanks go out to:
* mattburris
* johnnyturbo
* stuffedspacedog
* phin586
* kruxen

We also offer Static's Ultra Fast Ultra Slim XBMC Version Pre-Installed, just let us know when ordering if you prefer that installed with latest firmware instead of regular Android​ boot.